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Kuala Lumpur Mailing Address + Mail Forwarding
3 months NA
6 months £210
12 months £420
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Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur- Melville
Expressway ll

68 South Service Road
Suite 100
Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

* Actual address will be similar to the sample address above

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur Virtual office – Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur Business Address

You can enhance your company image by setting up a Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur virtual office, complete with essentials like a Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur number, phone answering/call forwarding, email, fax and a prestigious Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur business address/Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur mail drop with mail forwarding whilst continuing to work from virtually anywhere in the world.

Kuala Lumpur Mailing Address + Mail Forwarding

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3 months
6 months £210
12 months £420

£50 one time setup fee is charged in addition to the monthly fee.

Actual Address will be provided as soon as the order is processed

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 Service Activation:
   •  Service will be activated within 24-48 hours of the receipt of payment and requirements are fulfilled
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   • Your customer account  will be updated of the mail received.

Email: sales@infinioffice.com
Call:    44 207 016 2727 or 44 207 255 2557 (24 hours)

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