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Our VAT experts with decades of experience are perfectly placed to ensure a successful first time application

Online VAT Registration

Backed by decades of experience in electronic VAT handling, and with our powerful software interface connecting you directly to HMRC, Formations House can grant you peace of mind when registering for VAT for the first time. Refusals and delays in VAT registration are becoming increasingly common, with damaging effects on a fledgling business. Formations House has successfully registered thousands of businesses for VAT, and our specialists are on hand to ensure your application is successful at the first attempt.

Included in our VAT Registration & Compliance Pack

  • Assistance with the preparation of the necessary documents for VAT registration
  • A pre-submission check of all relevant documents by one of our VAT specialists
  • Express Vat Registration
  • Reclamation of any VAT you may have incurred before registration
  • Personalised assistance with your first VAT return and with any VAT inspection(s)

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