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  • Private Limited Company

    Private Limited Company Features:

    A private UK limited company is considered as one of the most easily managed and cost effective business structures. Some of its outstanding features are:

    • Share Capital Limits - No minimum or maximum share capital requirements.
    • Owner Qualifications - No specific qualification requirement for company director, secretary or shareholder.
    • Nationality Restrictions - No nationality or residence restrictions for company director, secretary or shareholder.
    • One Company Director Required - A private limited company can just have one director who may also be the only share holder.
    • Resource Utilization - A private limited company's resources can be used to assist in the purchase of shares of the company when someone wishes to leave the company.
    • No Public Shares - A private company is prohibited to issue its shares to the public.
    • Abbreviated Accounts Filings - Private companies up to a certain size can be permitted to file abbreviated accounts with the register of companies.
    • Annual General Meeting - Only a private limited company can dispense with obligations to hold an annual general meeting
    • General Meeting - Only a private limited company can dispense with the formalities of holding general meetings by having a special resolution in writing
    • Trading-A private limited company can start trading immediately upon incorporation. It does not require any trading certificate to start its business.
    Limited Company Registration Benefits:

    Company registration of Private Limited Companies can be carried out at Formations House's website. Limited Company Formation has the following benefits:

    • Limited Company is a separate legal existence.
    • Shareholders have limited liability.
    • Protected personal assets of limited company's shareholders and directors.
    • Structured dispute resolution.

    Private Limited Company Requirements:

    Following requirements are to be fulfilled to form a limited liability company in the UK:

    • Registered address within the UK i.e. a valid postal address in England, Scotland or Wales
    • A minimum of 1 real persons, to be the company director.

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