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Payroll services


Let us take care of all your payroll requirements, with our lost-cost service

Our Payroll Services

Ensure your compliance with UK payroll legislation by utilising our revolutionary payroll services. Our comprehensive payroll software includes user-friendly record maintenance, output in the format required by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs office (HMRC) and effortless online employee record creation/maintenance. Our powerful payroll software suite is flexible to your business needs, making it easy to switch between weekly and monthly salary payments and recording and a simplified way of handling tax codes for employees.

As with all of our services, Formation House's payroll services features online and phone support for any queries you may have.

What You Should Know

Payroll accounting deals with the process of paying employees for services they have provided. According to UK tax regulations, there are severe penalties for improper or inadequate collection of payroll taxes and payment of wages. These penalties include high fines and can also result in imprisonment.

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