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Limited By Guarantee

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A popular choice for those looking to establish a non-profit venture

Why Choose Limited By Guarantee?

A Private Company Limited By Guarantee is a corporate structure chiefly used for non-profit organisations that require corporate status. Limited by guarantee means a company does not feature a share capital, and its members are guarantors instead of being shareholders. In the scenario where the company is dissolved, struck off, or otherwise removed from the register then the members' liability is limited to the amount they agree to contribute to the company's assets. Limited by guarantee companies are formed for charities, community projects, clubs, societies and other related company structures.

The main advantages of a limited by guarantee company is that they are exceptionally easy to incorporate, and the company is accountable to the democratic control of its members. In addition, property can be owned, and financial matters conducted, in the company's name.

Registering Your Company

With our innovative and low-cost service, we have taken the difficulty out of establishing a new Limited Company in the UK. With expertise honed since 2004, our business specialists have the knowledge to provide a bespoke service catered to your new business's needs. Over ten million companies have been incorporated with our pioneering low-cost electronic system.

No paper documents are required to be filled and all forms are available online. You will receive the original hard copy of the Incorporation Certificate by mail and all company documents (such as the memorandum & articles of association) will be easily available in PDF form online 24/7.

Why Our Companies Are Better

Other formation agents incorporate companies with an "agent director" - an employee of the formation agent becomes the Founding Director for the new company, then resigns and transfers the shares to the customer. This frequently leads to confusion, and in the worst cases can cause damaging delays in financial transactions in the formative period for the company. At Formations House, the company is established with you, as our customer, as the Founding Director and shareholder from the outset. The Companies House registry will show you as owning the company from the outset, avoiding the possibility of these delays, and further confirming your company's integrity.

Getting Started

Incorporating a company limited by guarantee with Formations House could not be simpler. To get started, we require the proposed name of your Company and the address where the company will be registered . In addition, we will require the personal details of the director(s) to be registered with the company, in the instance the company is a charity then it must have at least three founding members/trustees. There is currently no requirement for an officer of a UK company limited by guarantee to be a UK citizen or resident.

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