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Don't wait for the tax authorities to process your documentation, begin trading immediately with our Managed Tax System

Instant VAT Number with our Managed Tax System

We have developed our Managed Tax System (MTS) product to allow new companies to begin all trading operations immediately, without the necessity of waiting for VAT registration to be completed, or a bank account to be set up. Designed as a both temporary measure to assist new companies in their formative stage, or a permanent solution for worldwide trading, our Managed Tax System is every bit as flexible as your business needs.

How does MTS work?

Accounts Centre, our accounting and invoicing division, invoices your customer with using your logo, but with our Tax ID and bank information. VAT is charged when applicable. Once the payment is collected, it is transferred to you immediately or at a time that suits you best. The business name that shows up on your customer's bank statements will be "Accounts Centre".

How long does it take to set up?

Setup usually takes between one to three working days.

What are the requirements before setup?

It is necessary for Formations House to undertake due diligence on the entities we are invoicing on behalf of. Part of this process is a background check on the director(s) of the company, and to allow us to carry out this check we will require proof of identity at the point of application.