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    With features specially developed to work with your business, you can have a secure online store to accept orders and payments online without changing your website address or using third party store fronts.

    infiniShops provides the following features (which are explained in greater detail in the Features section below):

    • Interactive product pages
    • Menu and navigation
    • Space for up to 50 products
    • Cross selling and upgrade products merchandising
    • Secure payment gateway
    • Advanced website tracking and communication features
    • Works directly with existing website



    infiniShops offers a catalogue space of up to 50 products and services. Each product and service can be presented using rich media such as glossy photos, videos, social and review links, and can be integrated with software that enables customers to virtually try on the products.

    Use the multimedia facilities we provide to advertise products or broadcast infomercials.

    Our catalogue builder provides multiple levels of menu options and navigation, and allows you to merchandise your products more effectively. Please note that an additional product catalogue of up to 20 products is also available. For more information, see Advanced Technologies below.

    infiniShops includes our advanced merchandising technology, which will enable you to manage and increase sales opportunities through cross selling, customer tracking and real time communication. You can monitor the activity and browsing habits of your website’s visitors, chat with them and analyse what pages or products are being more frequently viewed. For more information, see Advanced Technologies below.

    infiniShops provides a dynamic booking portal that will enable your online shop to accept pre payments for products, saving time from in-store purchases. Our online web store facility allows your customers to update their payment details with the option of having their chosen products to either be delivered at their home, or reserved for collection at your retail outlet.

    If your business requires, you can also receive appointment requests in real time, and can confirm through the booking manager interface. Customers will receive confirmation via sms or email.

    Your customers can pay for products and services online using our secure hosted payment processor.

    Our payment engine utilizes the maximum level of security to guarantee completely safe and secure billing transactions between you and your customers. We only use the most sophisticated security protocols for each electronic transfer gateway. Your customers will be assured that all credit card processing will be secure and accurate.

    Our online payment system enables all credit card payments and is also integrated with all major payment processors, including PayPal, Google and World Pay.

    infiniShops can be integrated with any major logistics supplier for streamlined dispatch management.

    Customer orders can be managed via our logistics interface and order status can be updated by both you, the retailer and by the logistics partner enabling your customers to easily track the status of their order.

    Customers will also be enabled to order online and choose to have their order delivered if they are located within your selected distance.

    Attract new and regular customers by offering great discounts and deals using coupons.

    Use our coupon generator to design and produce coupons as often as you want. Customers can print the coupon and present it in-store, or enter the code when ordering online to automatically apply the discount or offer at the checkout stage.

    Coupons can be emailed to your regular website users to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.


    Advanced Technologies

    infiniShops features a 2 way communication interface allowing effective communication with customers:

    Order Tracking – Keeps customers informed about the status of their orders. With customer generated support tickets, reduce support costs by providing automated predefined responses for common questions via the support desk feature built into the e-commerce facility.

    Real Time Chat – This allows communication directly with customers in real time, via a simple instant messaging feature accessed from the website.

    Corporate Blogging – Run moderated blogs specific to products services or company, allowing your customers to control their brand message.

    Real-Time Statistics And Information - Reports detail user traffic and profiles, product interest and other marketing relating stats.

    Real-Time Tracking - Track the interest of visitors on your website, in real-time, as they browse through you website.

    infiniShops provides your customers with advanced merchandising features, allowing them to leverage popular products to bring in further sales. All products in the catalogue can be merchandised efficiently, using multiple categorisations and similar product links. This is will ensure each customer visit and transaction is maximised. Product reviews and ratings can be moderated to offer a better customer experience.

    Our advanced merchandising engine:

    • Keeps track of your visitors in real-time as they browse through your products
    • Analyses your customer's shopping history in real-time and profiles their shopping habits
    • Observes their interest and response to improve your sales and marketing techniques
    • Allows you to engage in live chat with visitors on your website
    • Enables you to cater to your customers more dynamically, which results in improved customer satisfaction
    • Allows you to push relevant pages from your website to your customers/visitors as they browse your website
    • Facilitates product auctioning on multiple markets (eBay, Amazon etc.) with a single click

    infiniShops offers an online CRM (Customer Relations Management) interface that:

    • Provides customer support via email and chat
    • Enables you to view sales orders and real-time invoices
    • Allows you to get priority based notification in your CRM interface through the RGB* indicator
    • Presents an intuitive interface with standardized control features
    • Enables communication with your customer via phone, fax, email and live chat
    • Provides collaboration with customers through the embedded virtual web office interface

    * RGB (Red-Green-Blue): Red for notifications that require immediate attention, Green for processing notifications, Blue for completed processes.

    infiniShops also provides your website with a high-tech multimedia plug-in which allows you to run live broadcasts of products on your website. Our state-of-the-art multimedia facilities enable you to embed videos directly into your site. Broadcast your product infomercials or start your own Shopping Channel on your website.


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